Josh Terry's

Practice of Purpose Coaching

Let’s say you have a lot of potential and you’ve known it all your life.You’re creative and ambitious.And you fundamentally believe in doing productive things that add value to the world.But you’re stuck in place because of the number of options in front of you.You have epic dreams of success. But when you ask yourself what you want today, you can’t come up with an answer.And you can’t get yourself to do the work.It’s extremely frustrating.You might be at the bottom of the ladder of success or at the top - it doesn’t matter.Millionaires and homeless alike struggle with this.Anyone can be frozen in place by too many options, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a content creator or an accountant.I help you get through that.If you are a creative person who’s overwhelmed, I will help you find purpose, productivity, and clarity.Self development, learning theory, and cognitive behavioral therapy all say the same thing.
You have to learn how to
•figure out what you want,
•set a boundary around what you don’t want,
•and take a small step forward.
And if you get really good at it, you become an unstoppable force of nature that can do incredible things.I help people learn how to do this.So book a call down below. I’ll send you a free ebook with the fundamentals, and we’ll get in touch to learn more about what you need to move forward.